Domestic high-end stamping equipment successively won Ford US orders

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  Jinan June 17th, the power meter was learned from the Jinan Hao Machine Tool Group on the 17th, a few days ago, the Jinan Hao machine tool orders for the large-scale high-speed press line of the Ford Motor Company's Wudehaven factory in the United States. This is the nine large-scale press lines supplied by Jinan's machine tools for the Ford of the United States. It marks the "China's governance" large-scale stamping equipment with complete self-reliance and common sense of the world's advanced standards, and has achieved a "winning result" in the international high-end market.

  It is known that the Jinan 贰 machine tool is a large-scale high-speed, intelligent stamping production line for the Ford Wude Hewen factory, which is supplied by the Ford Wude Havin Factory. Previously, the eight press lines supplied by Ford Jinan for Ford were new installations or new workshops after renovation, and the nine press lines will be installed in Ford's factory in the last century. Due to the limitations of the old factory premises and some new technical requests, stamping equipment needs to be newly designed.

  The technological advantages of Jinan's machine tools have been accumulated for many years, and many sets of fixed-solution solutions have been taken in a short period of time, satisfying the urgent need for the modernization of equipment for Ford's old factory.

  As a state-owned enterprise with 76 years of history, Jinan's machine tools rely on self-reliance and innovation in recent years, and actively build up peripheral competitiveness. They compete with rivals such as Germany and Germany, and their CNC stamping production lines and heavy-duty multi-station machinery. High-tech products such as presses have been exported to the United States, Brazil, Thailand, India and other markets. At present, Jinan's machine tools have entered the ranks of the world's largest stamping and suppression manufacturers, shaping a new abstraction of the "high-end manufacturing" of China's machine tool industry.

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